ABV391N All Video to HDMI

ABV391N All Video to HDMI
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The brand new ABV391N incorporates 8 audio/video channels, USB*2, HDMI*2,

DVI*1, YPbPr+Audio*1 and AV*1. With Abell unique Color Eye Technology, It

brings you a brilliant performance, vivid image via HDMI output (extra

1*Coaxial audio output).  It is a new generation of multimedia device,

which integrates your DVD, game players, PC, STB box, HDD player etc into

one set and then hook up to your HDTV or display via an HDMI cable.  And it

can also allow the content of your HDD, USB disk etc to display on your

HDTV directly. The HDMI output resolution can be up to1080p. HDCP compliant

and 3D supported. This is the brand new ABV391N, upgraded performance &

slim body.

All-to-HDMI HD Multi-media Converter

Input:VGA+PC AUDIO,YPbPr1,AV1,USB1,USB2,HDMI1,HDMI2,DVI     Output : HDMI,Coaxial audio

Color Eye

Color Eye technology is a conversion technology developed by ABELL and used in ABELL series products only. It’s a technology that can optimize the whole process and result


Full HD 1080P

Most of HDTVs in the market support 720P/1080P resolution


Intelligent recognition


It will automatically detect the input resolution and HDTV’s EDID and then match the native resolution of the HDTV


Smart AB User Interface

ABV391N uses AB UI, you can see OSD menu directly to make the operation easier and more convenient 


Converter + Media Player 


ABV391N supports all kinds of USB storage devices, such as USB disk, USB-HDD, MP3, USB card reader, etc. and then make sure the images, audio; video is read, decoded and played.


HDMI 3D output

ABV391N applies ABELL unique 2D to 3D pass-through technology to format depth map by parallax, and make vivid 3D effect


Customized boot logo

ABV391n can support customized boot logo to make your Logo come out on the TV as soon as you turn on Abell’s converter.

Thisconverter solves the problem for the application needing to convert VGA, YPbPr USB VGA DVI... to HDMI, such as: Home Entertainment or other application.

Typical application

■ LCD and plasma flat advertising project ■ The large projectionequipment display system ■ Audio/Video meeting system
■ Banking & securities& financial system ■ Multimedia networkeducation system

■ Long-distancenetwork server monitoring

■ Big screen LED walldisplays project

■ Home Entertainment ■ The multimedia education
■ Security monitoring system ■ Central control system ■ Project Control system
■ Multimedia video conference ■ Home Entertainment ■ Security monitoringtransmission
■ Multimedia Network educationSystem Control Center  

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